Unlimited calls country wide

You can have unlimited calls for only 12€ per month.
That is to say, nomado is your best choice. You can call unlimited to regular fixed and mobile numbers nation wide. As a result, calling to mobile numbers is cheaper than using your mobile operators.

nomado offers unlimited calls to any of these countries: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and USA (including Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico). 

Subject to Fair Use Policy however, the unlimited plan is available both to business, and residential users.

Read below to know why nomado unlimited is the best choice.


Unlimited calls plus more benefits!

You will have these for free with the nomado unlimited:


1 phone number

You do not want to transfer your existing phone number to nomado? Then, get a new number for free. If you subscribe to BE unlimited, you will get Belgium phone number. You need additional number/s?  Sure, you can purchase it here.

2 inbound channels

Having free  2 inbound channels means you have up to 2 active incoming calls at the same time for free. Are you expecting more than 2 simultaneous calls? Don’t worry, you can still receive other calls for one cent per minute only. In other words, you will not miss any incoming call.

2 outbound channels

No charge for calls to included destinations with maximum of two simultaneous outgoing  . Outbound calls made in excess of two channels will still work with a fix rate of five cent per minute.

transfer phone number

We will process the transfer of your existing phone number to nomado. You only need to provide us your authorization to transfer the phone number. As a result, you will have easy transition from your existing phone provider to nomado. For questions on portation, read here.

many phone call, pbx features

Receive nPbx access for free. nPbx is a hosted ip pbx system. Therefore, you can manage your calls online with ease. And, achieve the needed calling features at your finger tips. Read more.

app for ios & android

Call wherever using nomado international app for iOS and Android. Many of our customers are using this app, you should too! Check more about nomado callback app here.

Unlimited Calls – Coverage


You can have only one unlimited plan. Hence, choose the unlimited plan that covers the country which you will be calling often. Note that NOT all destinations are free. The plan description indicates the destinations where you can call unlimited. Therefore, we recommend that you check them, in order for you to see the destinations where you can call for free.


Belgium regular fixed and mobile numbers.

de unlimited

Germany regular fixed and mobile numbers.

Nl unlimited

Netherlands regular fixed and mobile numbers.

US unlimited

US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico regular fixed and mobile numbers.

nomado unlimited plans are subject to Fair Use Policy.

The unlimited plan does not include calls to special, premium, service, non-geographic, national and toll free numbers. It is not available for Call Centers or entities with similar transactions. Limited to two simultaneous outbound calls. Subsequent simultaneous calls are charged at a fixed rate of 5 cent per minute.
Check FUP in full here.