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nomado numbers

local phone numbers – it’s IP based –

We offer you phone number for each country. You can use it temporary for an event or for lifetime..

You can also turn your existing number into a nomado number

In some countries you need to provide proof of residency. Chat with us to know the latest regulations.

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nomado PBX (nPBX)

your new cloud phone central – it’s a 100% virtual phone system but with real savings –

No need of hardware anymore, web page with your phone system, feature-rich

Check the free demo

nomado sms

Should you send SMS campaigns or integrate our nomado sms to your App or database for exemple :

  • password resets,
  • low balance alerts
  • bill reminders
  • payment confirmation
  • suspicious activity warnings,
  • information to mobile workers
  • account changes for customers
  • appointment reminders
  • Marketing campain
  • Birthday sms
  • Discount codes
  • Delivery notification
  • Team direct notification
  • Evacuation message
  • Flight delay
  • etc..

nomado sms-verified

If you ask a cyber security expert the weakest form of authenticating users on Internet, their answer will be “password”.
Password alone is the weakest form of authentication and identification online.

Need to verify your internet users or customers? We have a super simple plugin one-click install to send sms with a verification code.

Our great CTO wrote an article about this, It’s on Medium.. check here

nomado number lookup

You do not want to fall victim to fraud or scams that may cause your costs to run up by engaging with fake or otherwise problematic mobile numbers. With a nomado number lookup you’ll be able to find out if a number is:

  • Valid
  • Ported,
  • Roaming,
  • Still Active

By knowing more about the users and the mobile numbers you are engaging with you will be able to increase the level of security around your services. Knowledge is power and number lookups can be a key component in providing you with that power.

nomado is developer friendly

nomado’s API is a RESTful API and you can use any HTTP client in any programming language to communicate with our API. Request and response data are JSON formatted using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values. The only requirement to use our API is to create an account on our portal or this link here because it will give you 10€ credit !