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Many businesses are turning to SMS software as an effective means of communicating with their customers. There are a number of advantages in using this method of communication and it can be used for many reasons. It not only brings benefits to the business but also to the customer.

Benefits For Customers

Keeping customers informed.

If customers have ordered a product from the business website then an SMS can be used to inform them when their parcel be delivered. Another SMS on the day of delivery will remind them their parcel will be delivered that day and may reduce the chance of them missing their item.

Learning about promotions.

If a customer signs up for SMS alerts then these can be used to ensure these customers are the first to know about any upcoming sales or promotions that will be offered by the business.

Keeping customers updated.

If a customer wishes to purchase an item that is currently out of stock then an SMS can be sent when the item becomes available for them to collect from the store, or to inform them of the date it will be delivered.

Benefits For Staff

Keep in touch with field based employees.

SMS can be used to keep employees updated about any changes in their work schedule or to remind them where their next appointment is. A request to call the office can be sent by SMS which will not interrupt the employee if they are in a meeting. They are then able to call back when they are free.

Keeping staff informed.

Any changes to routes or any message that need to be conveyed to all staff can be sent by SMS. If the software allows the sender to be notified when the SMS has been delivered then this ensures that all staff have received the message.

Benefits For Business

Cost Effectiveness.

SMS messages are a much cheaper method of communication than telephone calls or letters. Messages usually only cost a few cents and companies that provide the software for sending SMS messages may offer a discount when sending bulk messages.


Staff will spend a lot less time sending customers SMS messages than they would making telephone calls or sending letters. This gives them more time to spend on other tasks and increases the productivity of the business. Instant communication with customers.

Most customers will always have their mobile phones with them so any message that is sent will be received instantly. This can be an advantage when the business has a sale or promotion that only lasts a few days and they want to inform their customers about it as quickly as possible.


Optimization with n.sms api-sdk

Asking customers to reply to the SMS message with feedback about the business or a particular product means this feedback will also be received almost immediately. SMS messages as a communication tool have many advantages for a business and because they are so flexible they can be used for almost any purpose. This versatility can mean SMS software optimized with sms api-sdk can become a real asset to the business.

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Remember, people read 100% of the sms they receive. It is the most powerfull and cheap way to communicate efficiently!