There are two ways to add prepaid credit to your account.

First, you have to go to eShop, then click Refill. You have to do the purchase manually. You can pay using Credit Card, Paypal, or Bank Transfer. This works fine if you usually check your credit balance from time to time.  You also need to purchase credit immediately as soon as you received the low balance notification, otherwise you risk running out of credit. To avoid call interruption because you do not have enough credit to keep the call, we suggest you for Easy Automatic Recharge. Also, you have to take note that for bank transfer payments, it may take 2-4 business days for us to receive the payment, and only then we can top up the prepaid credit.

If you made bank transfer payments and you need the credit to be added real time, please contact the nomado team.

Easy Automatic Recharge

The second option is the Easy Automatic Recharge, since this is automatic payment, it works  only with credit cards. Most of our customers prefer this option. You can pre-set to top up specific amount (lowest 20€) when the balance reached the threshold you’ve set like 5€. With this kind of refill method, you never have to worry of running out of credits.

How to activate Easy Automatic Recharge?

Just make a purchase using your credit card, allow the system to save the information. After the purchase was successfully made, go to your nomado portal. Click on MyProfile> Billing Preferences, tick only on Automatic refill, and enter the amount for the Low balance, and the Refill amount (credit to be added). Don’t forget to click on save. 

Adding prepaid credit to your account should never be complicated, BUT if you do not find it easy, do let us know.