Number Portation FAQ

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How can I transfer my phone number?

  • The number portability depends on the country and operator. We can transfer all Belgium numbers. You need to contact nomado to check number portability for other countries.

  • nomado will provide you with Letter of Authorization form (LOA Form), which you have to sign and send to nomado together with the latest invoice from the existing carrier as proof of ownership of the number.

  • Important:

    To avoid the disconnection of your internet, You need to make sure the phone number is not connected to your internet (DSL line). We only submit porting request to the existing carrier, we do not contact them for other matters related to your account. You need to contact the existing carrier directly.

    What other proof to send if I no longer have an invoice?

  • You can send any proof of ownership of the numbers like screenshots of directory listings or screenshot of your online account with your name and number.

What is the cost to port my number?

  • The portation rate varies per country. Porting a Belgium landline number will cost 19 euro one time portation fee and 29 euro keeping fee per year. For other countries,  you can check the Portation Fees here.

How soon can my number be ported to nomado?

  • The portation process usually takes around 8 to 10 business days but in some cases, it will depend on how soon the existing carrier can release the number.

What will happen to my number during the porting process?

  • During portation process, your number will remain active with your existing carrier. To avoid downtime, we will inform you of the porting date as soon as we get a confirmation from the existing carrier.

Can my existing carrier reject my request? 

  • There are instances when the porting request gets rejected. That is if the numbers you want to port are associated with other numbers. There are numbers also which are classified by your existing carrier as not portable, so you need to check with your existing carrier first.

Is the portation fee refundable? 

  • The portation fee is not refundable nor will be applied as call credit in the event the portation request is rejected or canceled.

  • If the first request gets rejected, we can still submit a subsequent request (no need for 2nd payment) after you contacted the existing carrier with their confirmation that the number is alright to transfer. This will delay the portation process and will take more than 10 business days.

Can I port Toll-Free numbers?

  • Toll-Free numbers can be portability varies per country. Please contact nomado Team to check portability.

Can I cancel my request in the middle of porting process?

  • Yes, you can cancel if the donor carrier has not yet released your number to nomado. Please note that the portation fee is not refundable nor will be applied as call credit in the event the portation request is rejected or canceled.Can I port out my number from nomado?

  • In case you are not satisfied with nomado and decide to move to another provider, you can still move your number with you.

  • Please note that port out of your number associated to an existing plan will stop your subscription plan. No refund for unused amount, subscribe plan and credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

How to port out my number from nomado?

  • You need to inform your new operator that you intend to move your nomado number to their network. They will  contact nomado and submit your port out request.

What is the reason why nomado rejects my port out request?

  • We will reject port out request if the number is no longer active for 1 month or if the subscription of plan associated with the number, or number subscription is not extended and already expired for 1 month. nomado will assign your number to other users if the number is not extended within 2 months after its subscription ends. The receiving carrier should also provide correct information of your account to avoid the porting request to be rejected.