IVR and HuntGroup Features are Best Match

How do you manage call volumes? Have you lost possible opportunities for having not able to manage your call volumes properly? Here are the few best ways to manage your call volumes using the features of nomadoNumber.

  1. Put the Calls on Queue – Do not aggravate the frustration of your callers by giving them busy tones. Set your nomadoNumber on Queue to allow them to reach your number and wait for you to be able to answer the calls. While waiting, you can have them listen to your company jingle or other instructions.
  2. Message to queued calls – you can upload .wav file of your company jingle or technical instructions on your nomadoNumber so callers do not waste their time while waiting for their calls to be answered. Example, you can upload simple troubleshooting guide a caller can listen and follow to, this will help them fix their issues even before their calls are answered.
  3. Make sure calls are routed to the right person who can handle the concerns – You can set your nomadoNumber with an IVR so customers only have to press a number to get connected to the right department or person. IVR feature is when the customer hears the message to Press 1 to reach the Sales Team as an example.
  4. Direct the Calls – with nomadoNumber you can set it to forward the calls to other line which is idle or to forward the calls to specific number even outside the office. Example, you are not in the office and you know very well volume of calls are coming. You can set the calls to forward to your mobile number to make sure you will never miss a call. Just record the message containing the information of the assigned numbers.
  5. Coordinate your IVR and HuntGroup Feature- with the nomadoNumber set on IVR, you will know whether it is a call intended for Sales or for After Sales depending on the number they pressed and the lines assigned to receive that calls. With the help of HuntGroup, when Sales Team’s lines are all busy, calls can be directed to After Sales Team to eliminate sales opportunity lost.

All these and more are made possible with nomadoNumber. Should you need to maximize the benefits of your nomadoNumber, you may contact Nomado Team.