Filter Your Calls

You may have been using VoIP for years now, yet you are not aware of this feature and why you need to have the Caller Route. Using nomadoNumber, you will be able to maximize your voip experience as you have on your fingertip the magic Caller Route can bring to your phone usage.

Here are 5 benefits of the caller route you never know you needed and if you had known it earlier, it could give you so much ease:

  1. You can filter the call based on caller ID – One of the few advantage having this feature is  you can filter calls from specific numbers like block the calls or to direct it to other numbers or lines. Another advantage is you can set up your alarm to call your nomadoNumber in case of emergency. Based on your alarm system’s phone number or caller ID, you can set the calls to direct it to your mobile phone or to entire household members’ phone numbers.
  2. You can filter the calls based on number prefix-  Different regions have different prefix. Should you want to direct calls from specific region to designated persons, you just have to filter the calls based on the country code or prefix.
  3. Block unknown callers- important calls don’t need to hide caller IDs. Eliminate unwanted calls from unknown callers, with the Caller Route feature, calls to your nomadoNumber without caller ID can now be block.
  4. No need to get a separate Conference number – gather all the phone numbers you have invited to join you in a phone conference, add the numbers in the caller route, once they called your nomadoNumber, they will automatically reach the scheduled conference.
  5. Use your nomadoNumber as faxtomail number – are you expecting an important documents that can be sent to you thru fax only? You want to save cost on buying faxtomail number? Use the caller route feature, enter the phone number of the person who will send the documents thru fax and once he called, he will hear a fax tone and you get the faxed document on your email address.If you do not have nomadoNumber yet, wait no more, get it on eShop and use these great features that come with it.