Never Miss a Call

Whether you are small or big enterprise, communication plays important factor on the success of your business. Here are the 8 reasons why you need Hunt Group g feature for cost efficient call management.

  • Never miss a call – When all the phones with in and outside the office ring all at once, this ensures you will never miss a call. You can even set the calls to forward to other phones or mobile when no one in the office is able to answer.
  • Receive calls simultaneously on 2 or more phones –  No need to buy additional phone numbers when all the phone users can receive calls on 1 nomadoNumber. With Hunt Group features, you can set up all the phones to ring all at once and stops when call is answered by any of the phone.
  • Forward calls to other phones in different locations – Now, receiving calls are not limited within the office premises, you can set to direct the calls to other phones outside the office and even to other countries. No reason to miss a call. Make sure your  best people can receive important calls anytime, anywhere.
  •  Direct calls to specific team or group – Route the calls with specific needs to specific team or group. Make sure sales calls land to your best Sales Team to close the sales.
  • Receive calls in sequence – Don’t waste you opportunity of receiving calls from your leads. If specific team is busy with calls, set the calls to forward to the other team. Example, Sales force is limited but some phones for Customer Support Team are idle, you can set the calls to direct the calls to available Customer Support to decrease call waiting time.
  • Save cost on paying phone attendant – No need to have someone work for you as phone attendant. The most cost efficient way to manage your calls yet giving you the same results. Set up your nomadoNumber with Hunt Group Feature to automatically send the calls to specific group of people intended to receive the calls.
  • Distribute calls among your team – With HuntGroup features, system will direct the calls to the line which has been idle for longest time. You can also set to direct first call to line 1, and 2nd call to line 2, 3rd calls to line 3 and so on and so forth.
  • Distribute load of calls evenly – Ideal in a call center set up. The system will direct the calls to the line that has been idle the longest.

Setting up Hunt Group Features varies depending on your pbx. If you have nomadoNumber, you only need to go to nPbx> Features> HuntGroups. You can check complete guide using this link.