Become reselling partner

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Join the nomado team and earn 10% commission on every purchase that your customers will make*

* the first 6 months is double commission, that means 20%.

Can I become VoIP/SMS Reseller?

Contact us and we discuss it. We’ll make you feel part of the growing team.

What shall I do to bring in customers to nomado?

You can create the account for the enduser customer or he can create his own account and will be linked to yours.

I want to charge my customer my own rate, is that possible?

No. However, you may bill them if you are providing other services and business solutions. nomado will only charge the customers for any products and services purchased from our website.

How much will I earn as Reseller?

You will earn 10% on each sales of “your” customers. During the first 6 months, it is double so it is 20%!

To summarize, why become a nomado partner as voip reseller?

• Get a recurring revenue without any effort.

• Some of your clients will have to migrate from their traditional PBX system to the n.pbx (cloud PBX), or require assistance to move services from their current carrier. You can charge according to your own local rates for this service.

•  Offer training with our nomado PBX offer.

•  Bill your customers for service activation and configuration, therefore more revenues.

•  Although system updates are automatic with n.pbx, your customers need you to configure their Auto Receptionist/Auto Attendant functions. Our team can help you also from the chat support, anytime.


Fill the partner program application form here or contact the nomado team on live chat for any inquiry.