Your best call management Package : a nomadoNumber

nomadoNumber is a landline or mobile phone number with features integrated on Cloud PBX.

Call Management at its best. Brilliant way to manage phone calls on your monitor. 

No installation needed, very easy access with simple settings. 

Calling minutes to mobiles / landlines and local phone number included.

The nomadoNumber package that is equipped with features that answer to your needs. Organize your calls properly to optimize business output.

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Organize incoming calls

  • Receive calls on different locations at the same time. 

  • Specify which line to receive calls if users are on different locations with different time zones. 

  • Designate which line to receive calls at specific time of the day, i.e. calls go to Voice Mailbox during lunch break.

Check Nomado Virtual Numbers for phone number coverage around the world.

Courtesy to the callers

  • Provide your callers the option to reach the right department or contact person by pressing menu keys. 

  • Easy call transfer using short codes. 

  • Use your company jingle or announcement while placing the customer on hold or on queue.

Increase Company Productivity

  • Allow or block destinations for outbound calls. 

  • Set up alerts if specific destinations/countries were called. 

  • Set and pull up call recording for call monitoring.

Discover how to manage your phone system, in the cloud.

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