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Phone solutions are often complex, static and expensive. And if your business is growing, you need to adapt your system. You also might loose all benefits if you are moving office.

nomado phone is a plug-and-call phone that can be used anywhere, with an internet connection. It is simple and inexpensive. It includes a phone number, or bring your old phone number, free worldwide calls and all features needed to manage incoming calls. Those features include music on hold, interactive voice response (For english press 1..) Queue calls (You are number 2 in the waiting queue..), smart forward, conference calls and hundreds more features.. A real professional phone system included on the nomado phone for 5€ per month, with 3 months for free.

For very small business or home business, nomado is also suited but if you want Private and Business all in one, there is nomado box. I’s a magic box. 10cm x 10cm and 100g of latest technology. It allows you to connect your traditional analogue phone to internet in one click. There are 2 ports for your cordless phones, in exemple one for your home and one for your business. With a different ring of course.

More for your business:
- In the nomado eShop you can find local phone numbers from 50+ countries. Those phone numbers can be added on nomado phone or box. You can i.e. have Belgian, Dutch and Spanish phone number ringing on your phone. Learn more
- Just need a standalone plan with nomado because you already have IP telephony equipment? We have a nice global plan that includes a phone number and all features, the nomado world plan.
- You need an interconnect with nomado to benefit our great rates and features? Just ask for it.

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