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What happens if you are outside your office and need to call your customer without displaying your private number?

And if you want to receive your customer calls directly on your iPhone even if they are calling your office number?

And what about making calls in Europe and worldwide much cheaper than with your mobile operator?

This app is for you.

Nomado Telecom, the best European VoIP and SMS provider is offering you nNumber App

When calling with nNumber, you can display any phone number you want, to the person you are calling. As long as you get this number on your online account, there are more than 50 countries you can choose from.

You can even port in your main office phone number to Nomado Telecom. Mobile number included (currently 5 available in 5 countries)

Manage your phone numbers with this great App and it will also help you to make great savings while travelling abroad or just to call internationally. It will decrease by 70% your bills.

If you believe that the roaming in Europe is free since June 15th, 2017, watch out the small prints... With nNumber you will really feel the difference.