Here are video tutorials on how to set up nomado’s hosted IP PBX (n.Pbx) features.

Check call details from the nPbx

  1. Log-in to your nPbx and click Reports
  2. Click Call History
  3. Choose a specific date. Use Leg Status or Leg Direction to filter call records to show
  4. Hit the search button to generate call logs.

Forward your calls to another number.

You have many options on how to set the call forwarding. But for basic call forwarding, you have two main options. The first option is to forward all calls to another phone number. While the second option is to forward your calls when not answered.

For another smart call forwarding features, please refer to the nPbx page.

Forwarded calls are considered as outbound calls. It will be charged the standard rates. Depending on your rate plan, you need to have prepaid credit for the call forwarding to work.

First Option: Forward ALL Calls (not available if you do not have nomado phone number. Get one from eShop)

  1. On the n.Pbx, go to Features > Phone numbers. 
  2. Choose the number to set for call forwarding.
  3. Scroll down to Route Calls To > Number >Enter the number where the calls should forward to.
  4. Save.


Second Option: Forward Calls if Not Answered

  1. On the n.Pbx, go to Features > Telephone Lines.
  2. Click on the Telephone Line you want to set the call forwarding. If you have several lines, go to Features> Phone Numbers to check which line the number was connected.
  3. Go to “User Settings” and Set the ring time. This is the number of seconds or minutes the phone would ring before the system would forward the calls.
  4. Then go to the “Forward to” option. Set where the calls would go or leave the default settings.

    Here’s the guide when you think it is necessary to set them.

    • First –  “No answer ” means the line or phone is working only that the calls are not answered.
    • Second – “On Busy” option allows you to set where the calls would go if you are on the phone.
    • Third – “On unregistered” means the line is not connected to the nomado network either because there is an issue on the phone/line or you intentionally did not connect the line to nomado network.

Change Your Phone’s Ring Time

The default ring time of your nomad line is 15 seconds. That is equivalent to 4 phone rings. You can increase the right time to one minute.
Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log-in to the n.Pbx
  2. Go to Features> Telephone Lines
  3. Open the line> Go to User Settings
  4. Set the ring time then SAVE.