How important is PBX features in Call Management? The answer is — VERY IMPORTANT!

Having very good Pbx features is like having the best information center or receptionist for your business.  nomado recognized the importance of PBX system thus it offers nPBX, a ip hosted pbx system to their customers as an add -on service few years back. But now, with nomado’s new plans, nPbx features are already incorporated. Customers now can choose their ideal nPbx package. Included on the plan is a total package for 1 phone number, nPBX features and free minutes for lanline and mobile calls to over 400 destinations worldwide. nomado plan costs from as low as 3 euro per month and higher for plan with extensive nPbx features and more free minutes.

Customers can request for a “demo plan” if they feel they are not yet sure which package is best for them. They have to contact nomado support team to arrange a demo plan.

For business users who are new to VoIP and are not familiar yet with PBX features, check out these features you will need to better manage your calls:

Simultaneous incoming calls 

  • Have all your lines receive calls at the same time. No need for another user to end the call for the next incoming call to be connected through.

Simultaneous outgoing calls

  • You need to do important call but someone is using the phone? No need to wait. You can have as many lines do outbound calls as needed at the same time.

Hunt Group

  • One call to your number can ring on different users at the same time. This ensure while other user is not able to answer the call, the other user can pick it up.


  • Categorize your calls to make sure it is connected to the correct department or the right person. Give your callers the options which line they want to get connected to.

Call routing

  • Block the number of unwanted or unknown callers. Set specific numbers to reach you only on voicemails or other user and have the important callers connected to you directly. Receive calls from specific numbers the way you want it.

Time routing

  • All calls are important but most calls on lunch time are not answered. Have your callers connected to voicemails or to other numbers outside office hours or on any time and day. Set up the time when and who should get the call.


  • Conduct meetings over the phone. Invite people to join you on conference on specific time by calling them or have them call you on specific number to join the conference. Restrict people to join by setting a conference password.

Call recording

  • Record important phone calls for your reference.

Hold music

  • You want to put the customer on hold and get entertained while waiting, you can upload your company jingle or company announcement and have them hear it as your hold music.

Click to dial

  • No need to keep pressing the dialer. If you have numbers you keep calling, save their numbers and next time you call, you only have to press 1 to 4 digits depending on your setting.

Voicemail storage

  • Just like any other phone, you have voicemail but with Nomado you can store it as long as 3 months. You can also record or upload your customized greetings.

Voicemail by email

  • Away from your phone but have access to your email? Your voice messages are sent to your email as wav attachment. You can listen to your voice messages right then..

Free calls between Nomado Users

  • Calls between Nomado line to another Nomado line is free. Just ask for their Usernames or Telephone Lines and call those number free of charge.

Caller ID

  • Avoid getting blocked for being unknown caller. Always get a call back if your call is not answered. Have your numbers shown when you call.

Callback anywhere

  • Using Nomado Callback service, you can use Nomado if you do not have internet. Just dial Nomado Callback number and you’ll be able to call using Nomado network. Saves you from high roaming fee.

Please note that Call Feature capability depends on your subscribed plan. Please check the Plan Comparison Table for your reference.