Our best seller Add-on : nomado Number

A nomado Number is a landline or mobile phone number. As it is included in the nomado Phone, Box or World plan, you will be able to manage your incoming calls in a powerfull way. From your screen

No installation needed, very easy access with simple settings. 

Organize incoming calls

  • Receive calls on different locations at the same time. 

  • Specify which line to receive calls if users are on different locations with different time zones. 

  • Designate which line to receive calls at specific time of the day, i.e. calls go to Voice Mailbox during lunch break.

Check coverage around the world.

Courtesy to the callers

  • Provide your callers the option to reach the right department or contact person by pressing menu keys. 

  • Easy call transfer using short codes. 

  • Use your company jingle or announcement while placing the customer on hold or on queue.

Increase Company Productivity

  • Allow or block destinations for outbound calls. 

  • Set up alerts if specific destinations/countries were called. 

  • Set and pull up call recording for call monitoring.