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nPbx, the web based, ip hosted pbx system by nomado. To optimize your nomado experience, we suggest that you have your line connected to our server using any voip device or apps.  To connect your line to nomado server, follow the sip configuration guide here.  

The phone system in the cloud – hundreds of features

Do you really need to keep your expensive and complex phone central (PBX) on your office? With your nomado subscription, either nomado unlimited or nomado world, you get a local phone number and also access to hundreds of call features to manage your phone number. It is web based so you have 24/7 access and it is made for non experts. We are certain that you don’t want to spend thousands of euros per year for a telephone expert and technician,  we have provided you right here the great solution.   CHECK LIVE DEMO

PBX Call Features

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Here are few of the Pbx call features and the guide to enable them.

Call Forward

How to set up call forwarding:
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> Number
Find your number and the Telephone line it is linked to. Take note of the Telephone line and you will have to set up the call forwarding on the Telephone line.
  • Go to Features> Telephone Line, open the Telephone line the Number is linked to.
There are 3 options for call forwarding:
  1. If you need all calls to be automatically redirected to specific number, choose “Forward all calls”. Options 2 and 3, will be overridden by this option, therefore the other options will not work .
  2. Forward calls if no answer. You can set the line to ring for specific seconds and if no answer it will go to the specified number.
  3. If there is problem with ip phone or internet connection, or you just simply want to transfer  your calls when the line is busy, it is recommended to choose Forward calls if line is not registered or busy.
  • If you want to set up option 1 go to Forward to: then, All calls, without ringing telephone, to number: and enter your number.
  • To set up call forwarding if no answer, go to Forward to: then, On no answer:,enter your number to forward the calls to.
  • When you want to set up the 3rd option and you already have the 2nd option set up, just go to Use same destination on busy or unregistered: and put YES if you want to forward to the same destinations, or put to NO if different destinations and set it On busy: and On unregistered:
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Caller ID Display

In order to set up Caller ID when you have more than one phone number:
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> Telephone Line, open the Telephone line
  • Go to Line settings: then, go to Caller ID on external calls:
  • You should be able to select a number as Caller ID. Then click Save
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set up nomado Fax2mail through Pbx

Receive fax on your email address (faxtomail):
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> Number
  • Go to Route calls to: Default destination, choose Fax to email and enter Email address, you can link to 2 or more email address (separate with spaces).
  • Click Save
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Receive Simultaneous Calls with Hunt Group – advance Pbx feature

You can set up Hunt Group to receive incoming calls on several phones at the same time:
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> Hunt Group
  • Click New
  • Enter the following:
Name: Hunt group name. Ring each level for:  Interval that each level rings before going on to the next level. Choosing 10 seconds can be very short. You can choose 20 seconds or more. Level order: “Linear: Always start at level 1”
  • Save
  • Set the default destination
  • Add a destination
  • Choose the Level under Destination settings
  • Choose the destination for the calls:  Telephone Lines
  • Save. Repeat for other destinations as needed.
  • Click Continue editing the hunt group. This returns control back to the Hunt group configuration form.
Hover your mouse on  the default settings on Default destination if no levels answer to edit default settings and assign your Voice Mail Box or forward to your mobile number if no one answers the hunt group. If you have already finalized your Hunt Group feature, do not forget to link this Hunt Group to your nomado Phone Number.
  • Go to Features> Numbers.
  • Open your number, go to Route calls to:
  • On Default destination choose My Features> Hunt Group
Since your nomado Phone Number is linked to the Hungt Group created, all calls to your number will ring to all the lines you added as destinations.
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample Odoo CMS - Gallery sample

IVR Menu (Interactive Voice Response) – advance Pbx feature

Here is how to set up IVR: ​
Have your callers listen to audio menu to press a key to reach the correct department. It then forwards them to the destination you set for the key.
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> IVR Menus
Enter the following:
  • Name: Menu name
  • Time out after: How long to wait for the caller to press a key.
  • Click Save.
To upload your IVR audio file:
  • Go to Message File
  • Choose File
  • Click Upload
After you have finalized your IVR set up: Go to Features> Numbers Open your number, on Route calls to: Default destination choose My Features>IVR Menu

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Call /Time Route

Route your calls to reach specified destinations on specific time and days.
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features » Times and dates.
Enter the following:
  • Name: Unique name for this time group.
  • Description: Describe the group and its purpose. This displays on the Time group menu next to the name.
  • Priority: Time group priority. When a call is made to a number with more than one active time group, the group with the highest priority is used.
  • Click Save.
Add a Time Period and choose the time and days. Click Save. Yo can add another time period if needed. Once Time Period is created, go to Features> Numbers. Open your number, scroll to the bottom until you see Time routes: click Add a Time Route, choose Time group: then Forwards matching calls to: choose which destinations the call should go on the Time Period you selected. Click Save.

Block Unwanted Calls

Caller routes allow you to route calls to different destinations depending on the caller ID.
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Features> Number
  • Open your number, scroll to the bottom ’til you see Caller routes: click Add a Caller Route.
  • On Caller number prefix: Enter the number you want to block or leave the field empty to block callers who do not have caller ID
  • On Forward matching calls to: Choose which destination you would like the call to go to. You can choose Congestion nd the call will not be connected.
  • Click Save
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Send Fax through Web based Pbx

Route your calls to reach specified destinations on specific time and days.
  • Log in to your nPBX
  • Go to Actions tab
  • Click Send a Fax
  • Enter the number. For Belgium number, enter the number with local format, for non-Belgium numbers, use international format without 00, example 33123456789
  • upload the file to send, used pdf file only
  • click Send