easy phone solution   

Vos forfaits




30 min d'appels gratuits /mois
  • nomado free
  • 1 numéro de  téléphone
  • 30 min/mois toutes destinations
  • Gratuit 3 mois, ensuite prépayé
  • Première recharge = 12 mois gratuit
  • App iOS /Android



hors TVA / mois
  • nomado world
  • 1 numéro de  téléphone
  • 100 min d'appels gratuits/mois
  • Fonctionnalités illimités d'appels
  • 7/7 support technique gratuit
  • Mise en service en 3 heures



hors TVA / mois
  • be unlimited
  • 1 numéro de  téléphone
  • Appels illimités vers mobiles BE
  • Appels illimités vers fixes BE
  • 7/7 support technique gratuit
  • Bientôt disponible pour d'autres pays

Vos équipements Plug and play


nomado box



hors TVA
  • Magic box pour la maison ou le bureau
  • Parfait pour SME ou pour la famille
  • Votre sans-fil devient VoIP
  • Supporte T.38 fax over IP
  • Livraison à travers l'Europe
  • 7/7 support de configuration
  • Portation gratuite en 2018

nomado phone



hors TVA
  • Parfait pour tout business  en croissance
  • Grandes fonctionnalités, petit prix
  • Haute definition (HD) wideband audio
  • Supporte openvpn
  • Livraison à travers l'Europe
  • 7/7 support de configuration 
  • Portation gratuite en 2018

- Je suis intéressé, comment faire ?

First S'inscrire for an account, then request on the chat if you want a nomado free account or purchase a nomado world plan or be unlimited if you are a residential. Once done, you will receive a welcome email with all info required to start your phone system. Please come anytime on the chat to meet our support who will guide you efficiently.

- Why do I need a phone solution for my business ?

Every business needs a phone number to be contacted properly. Do you have a business phone number? Not your private mobile phone number but a local phone number which is answering, even with an interactive voice response..

You are a Startup, an established freelancer or company or even a non profit association?
With the nomado phone, your business sounds pro. And it is nomad.

- Can it be an alternative to Skype Pro?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. Nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better garantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers. In exemple, a call of 2 minute with Skype to a belgian mobile will cost 0.18€ while with nomado it will cost 0.12€. Save one third of the cost!

- Do you have Apps?

Yes, we offer Apps for iPhone and Androïd and also for Mac. Those are a complementary extension of your pllan and are currently free. Learn more

- What do I pay?

It is easy and without hidden fees : prepaid monthly fee, the nomado world plan, is 5€, excl VAT - the hardwares are nomado phone 69€, excl VAT, nomado box is 49€ excl VAT.  You have options with cost saving nomado plans and activate automatic payment, anytime.  Activate automatic recharge and you don't worry anymore about being cut. 

- Can I terminate anytime?

Yes. There is no termination fee. 

- Do I get invoices?

Yes you receive electronic invoices after each purchase including the automatic recharge from your credit card.

- Phone calls -

Professionnaly manage your phone calls
Outbound and smartly Inbound

- SMS -

Send sales campaigns
Notify your customers

- Secured integration -

We connect to your system
And you communicate safely