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Téléphonie IP, tout simplement

Check our latest call rates (beside free minutes)

Automated sms or voice message is 0.09€ worldwide. Ask us for specific volumes


Système téléphonique à usage professionnel. Plus de 100 fonctions d’appel. Le central téléphonique virtuel de votre entreprise. Messages pré-enregistrés également.

Authentification par SMS. 99,9% de risque de piratage en moins! Notre solution unique en Europe qui s’intègre en 2 minutes. Campagnes SMS efficacité garantie..

API et SDK sont des outils développés par nomado pour faciliter votre intégration. Les appels et sms peuvent être automatisés en un click!

“Meilleur business phone and SMS solution 2019”

Your telecom expert, made free and available 7/7

becommerce logo award 2018

Finalist Becommerce Best service, 2018

Hackathon Cyber-Security Tallin, Estonia, 2018


of people answer phone calls or read sms, it is natural.


a feature-rich phone system for 5€/mth, nomado PBX

damn simple

so easy to integrate nomado with your system thanks to future proof API and SDK in various languages

Intégration minute

Quelques lignes de code seulement, des journées de développement économisées.

Nomado’s team makes VOIP a breeze. They have realized in 2 days more than I could manage with my previous provider in 6 months. The switch to nomado is a no-brainer, even for more complicated setups using Asterisk. Bram


Hassle free, reliable and economic phone service with even more options than running your own hardware phone centrals. Better than Skype and cheaper than Proximus. Krispy Solutions

Everberg, Belgium

Instant phone setup and responsive support. That is exactly what was needed for a successful live radio show. Much appreciated! Olivier Duroy,

NRJ Radio

I am interested, where do I start ?

First Sign up to join nomado platform, you will then receive a welcome email with all info required to start your phone system. Please come anytime on the chat to meet our support who will guide you efficiently. You will instantly get 10€ credit for calls and sms as well as a local phone number for 6 months.

Can it be an alternative to Skype Pro?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better guarantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers. For example, a call of 2 minute with Skype to a Belgian mobile will cost 0.18€ while with nomado it will cost 0.05€. Save one third of the cost! You can check the call rates here. The good thing is, we now offer unlimited plans so you can call unlimited to a choice of country like Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and USA (including Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico).

I am a developer, how do you assist me?

We are developer friendly and can propose you the greatest API you can dream of with SDK in node.js and PHP for now. This to integrate VoIP, SMS and 2FA in one click. Create a dev account at my.nomado.eu/join and get 10€ for free test