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Easy connect. A phone number + a phone system. All in one.

10 years • 16,000+ users • 80 countries.

Our Offers


Same day activation

5 .00

par mois
  • Call 100 free minute worldwide
  • nomadoNumber from 15 countries
  • 2 simultaneous outbound calls
  • Fonction  routage basiques
  • No termination fee - No commitment
  • Chat support
  • Free trial - no credit card needed


Most wanted plan

20 .00

per month 
  • Call 300 free minute worldwide
  • nomadoNumber from 28 countries
  • 8 simultaneous outbound calls
  • Advanced routing features
  • No termination fee - No commitment
  • 7/7 chat support
  • Free trial 7 days. No credit card needed


The top of the top

45 .00

par mois
  • Call 600 free minute worldwide
  • nomadoNumber from 50 countries
  • 20 simultaneous outbound calls
  • Expert routing features
  • No termination fee - No commitment
  • 7/7 Prime chat support
  • Yearly subscription = 2 month free

What exactely is a nomadoNumber ?

Our product is nomadoNumber. What is it? It is a landline phone number. But it is a smart landline phone number. 
You can do two things with this nomadoNumber: 

1) you can forward calls smartly, to any destination or device  
i.e. to hunt group, queue call, voicemail, conference call, forward to external number, ring on IP phone, softphone, Interactive Voice response, music on hold

2) you can make cheap calls, local and international

To configure your nomadoNumber you need either an Hardware (IP phone, SIP gateway, SIP adapter..) or Software (from us or compatible SIP)

And  new ongoing things under dev : it will not only be landline numbers but also mobile numbers and we soon could send campaign SMS with this nomadoNumber

Est-ce une alternative à Skype, Viber ou What's App?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. Nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better garantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers. In exemple, a call of 2 minute with Skype to a belgian mobile will cost 0.21€ while with a nomadoNumber it will cost 0.12€. Almost half cost!

How can I add credit to my account?

Log in to your MyNomado, go to RECHARGE and choose the amount. You keep control. If you pay with Visa, AMEX or Mastercard, you can activate Easy Automatic Recharge : as soon as your balance is below your threshold 5€ as default (but you can define it), it will topup automatically your balance by charging your credit card for predefined amount. 

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