Frequently Asked Questions

Best phone to use for voip?

There is none but only best voip provider. With nomado, you can use any voip phone or sip applications you can find.

For your other questions, you can check down below.

What products do you offer?

You can check the eShop so that you can find the product that best suits your needs. For unlimited calls, you should check the n.unli plans for unlimited calling (subject to FUP). Also, check the add-ons products like local n.number, n.Fax2mail and other products.

Do I need to subscribe for a plan to use nomado?

No, you are not required to get a subscription. However, you need to have a phone number in order for you to have caller ID when you call.

You can just buy a nomado number and some credit. For greater savings, we suggest you get plan for only 60€/year  (best for business) or the unlimited plan for 12€/month and use an App (iOS, Android, Mac).

What is the best phone to use with nomado?

You may use any voip compatible phones with nomado. You can also install sip app on your desktop, laptor, or smart phones. Any of them could turn out to be the best phone for voip if used with nomado

I have an existing number, can I transfer my phone number when I move to nomado?

Number transfer or portation varies per country. Therefore, we need to check first the portability of the number. Once we confirmed that the number can be ported to nomado network, we will assist you to transfer your number to nomado. You can check more details on our Number Portation page.

Will you provide installation assistance?

Yes, we will provide remote assistance for the sip configuration of your voip device. If you are using IP phone, you just need to have the ip address of the phone. If you do not know it, we will still help you how to locate the ip address.

Account detail

Where to check my account details?

You should log-in to your nomado Portal, and go to My Profile to check your account details.

Why can't I see my sip parameter on my profile?

We want to secure every sip parameters Therefore, it is not stored on your portal. We suggest you can contact the nomado team for assistance.

Account Modification

Change my e-mail address

You can inform us of your new email address. To do that, please use the contact form. Please indicate the e-mail address to be updated and the new e-mail address.

Update my invoice address

Changing of invoice address has been disabled due to VAT taxation. Please contact our super team for billing address modification

Reset my sip password

in order to secure your sip account, We disabled the sip password reset option. If you forgot your sip password, you need to contact our dedicated team to have your Sip password changed.

Billing Questions

Add VAT number on my invoice details

The option to update VAT number has been disabled. You need to contact the nomado team in order to update your vat details./p>

I have new VAT number, I want my old VAT replaced

We need to create new account in order to add the new VAT number on the invoice. Please contact the nomado so that we may update the invoice detail.

Add credit to my account

To add prepaid credit, go to eShop and click on Refill.

If you pay with Visa, AMEX or Mastercard, you can activate Easy Automatic Refill (EAR). As soon as your balance is below 5€ as default (but you can define it), it will automatically add prepaid credit by charging your credit card for predefined amount.

Check my balance

You can dial 888 from your nomado line to check your balance. You may also login to the customer portal and go to MyProfile.

How can I extend my subscription which is about to expire?

In order to extend your subscription, just go to eShop > Extension and purchase same product.

Automatic top up when my balance is low.

You need to purchase using your credit card in order to activate Easy Automatic Recharge (EAR). Make sure to save your credit card details for the automatic refill. Then, go to your nomado portal > MyProfile and chooseActivate Easy Automatic Refill (EAR) on MyProfile.

Are you an existing nomado customer? Optimize your nomado experience. Check this video.