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SIP or nomadoPBX Remote technical support 29.99€
36.29€ Tvac
SIP or nomadoPBX Remote technical support

Remote technical intervention for SIP agent, Asterisk (and derivates help) on configuration including nomadoPBX. Remote support via chat and screen control.

The price is for 1 hour maximum of LiveChat support, there are no guarantee that the SIP agent will work, our team will however make the BEST effort to fix any issues.

For nomadoPBX configuration, please fill a contact form on http://www.nomado.eu/contact-support-client-buy  Please provide all precised information of what is requested and we will reply with the number of hours needed (to buy online) for the configuration.

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nomadoPBX (1 year)
nomadoPBX (1 year)

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ip phone quote Nomado.eu have provided me excellent service to get my Belgacom Number ported to their company. I also hugely appreciate their resposiveness
Alasdair W., Brabant Wallon, Belgium
IP phone calls I cannot believe how commited the customer support is. Really good to see we europeans are up there on the technology
Anthony Merrett, Brookland, United Kingdom
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Very happy from your quality products.  

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Nomado has completely substituted my Belgacom in term of telephony provider.
J. Alcaide, Verviers (BEL)
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Catherine de la Lez, Nova Photo Media, Danemark
We were looking for a cheap SIP provider and had issues with voipbuster and skype; now we are happy to make quality local or international calls .. A. de la blancherie, Koz Koncept, Metz (FR)
skype quote Skype is already great but with nomado I feel understood. No need of PC to make my long distance calls. Waiting for a nomado chat ability. 
Etienne Lavigne (SP)