Configure sip on Cisco SPA 502G, SPA 504G, SPA 508G, SPA 509G and SPA501G

To configure sip on your Cisco phones, follow these easy steps.

#1 Get the IP address of your Cisco phone. Press the Set up button and dial 9. (Scroll to Network and Press Select).

#2 The Ip address will display under the Network screen.

#3 Copy it to the the url field of your browser.

# 4 Log in to the web interface. Go to Advance Login.

Username: admin (default)
Password: admin (default)

Go to Ext1 Tab.
On Proxy and Registration
Proxy: Port: 5060

Go to Subscriber information for sip configuration.

Set the following:
Display Name: Enter the Sip Username
Password : type in the Sip Password
Auth ID : same as Display name
User ID: same as Display name
Use Auth ID: YES

Go to SIP Tab.

Set the following:
On General:
Set Line Enable to YES
Submit All Changes
You may need to restart your phone to apply the changes.