Why choose nomado?

Because nomado is the best phone and SMS solution for your business.

Why is nomado world champion?

nomado is the only service that offers:

  1. a complete business phone and SMS solution in less than 3 hours,
  2. free technical and admin support 7/7 from 6am to 10pm GMT,
  3. the best quality rates for the communications
  4. a simple module (SDK) to connect VoIP and SMS with your eCommerce, CRM or ERP
You need to turn your existing business landline into nomado or manage a full phone system, nomado is your solution. Sign up now

Comparison with other phone services

Compatible Device Any sip app, any ip phones, analog phone connected to voip adaptor, or any voip device Skype App only analog phones, mobile phones
Advance Call Features FREE Basic feature only Basic features only unless PBX
PBX System FREE None Charged PBX
Phone number global coverage 50 countries 24 countries Belgium only
Incoming fax2mail service Yes None None
Toll Free number availability Yes None None
Number Portation to keep existing number from other operator Yes None Yes
Support available Free real time support  by real person virtual assistant by appointment, with a fee
Cancellation Free Free charged
Unlimited calls to Belgium landline and mobile €12€/month €19,00/month (25 destinations including Belgium) €23.13 /month (unlimited to landlines + 1000 minutes/month to mobiles in Belgium)
Belgium rate – landline 2 cents € 6.4 cents € 12.4 cents €
Belgium rate- mobile 5 cents € 6.4 cents € 12.4 cents €
Connection Fee 2.5 cents € 5.2 – 9.4 cents € 12.4 cents €
Sending SMS to multiple recipients Yes,  8K SMS/min up to 50 contacts only
SMS Rate- Belgium 9 cents € 9.3 cents € 18 cents €

Sample Compution

for comparison on 2 minutes call cost

2  mins. call to Belgium landline 6.5 cents € 14.9 cents € 37.2 cents €
2  mins. call to Belgium mobile 12.5 cents € 18.4 cents € 37.2 cents €
2  mins. call to France landline 6.5 cents € 8.3 cents € 53.72 cents €
2  mins. call to France mobile 16.5 cents € 21.8 cents € 1.03 €