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Cloud PBX without hassle

Cloud pbx that scales as you grow – with an intuitive control panel, easy team onboarding, and more.

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“Nomado reduced our roaming costs to zero.”

Turborent a car VIP – Marbella, Spain

Reach your audience with sms

In this crisi period we had to send thousands of SMS to our customers. Nomado did it so easily ! Electro Kuypers, Amsterdam

Simple. Smart. Easy to use. nomado SMS allows you to send sms quickly in no time. It can be a single sms to your mom or a campaign to your thousands of customers.
100% people read sms. We will deliver it!. Try it now

Ready to use phone on mac?

Call from your mac is easy and user friendly with Telephone for mac, the app that also integrates with your phone’s existing contacts. Find – click – call!

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Should your app communicate?

Do more with less code. nomado api will make your integration experience a breeze. You focus on your business growth and let us manage what we are best at.

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“In our startup, anything that reduces chaos is a blessing. Nomado OTP helped us verify the authenticity and origin of our customers quicky.”
Taha, co-founder, workocto, Estonia

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nomado world

Get unlimited incoming calls with upto 100 minutes per month outgoing to hundreds of destinations. Cancel anytime but you won’t!

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working remotely because of COVID-19?

We want to help. We will migrate all your numbers and offer nomado world for FREE during 3 months.

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Further beyond
  • Free incoming number
  • call unlimited to mobiles
  • call unlimited to landlines
  • 7/7 tech chat support

“Best 2020 business phone and SMS solution”

Your telecom expert, made free and available 7/7


We know business phone systems better than anyone. Plus, we take care of all your telephony. Free support 7/7

Secure yourself with 2FA, unique solution! Automated messaging. SMS is the most secure and efficient system. And it is cheap.

API and SDK are tools that nomado has developped for your ease of intergration. Automated calls and sms in one click.

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I am interested, where do I start ?

Joining nomado is easy. You will receive a welcome email with all the details required to start using your cloud pbx. Please feel free to reach out support via chat for assistance.

Can it be an alternative to Skype Pro?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better guarantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers. For example, a call of 2 minute with Skype to a Belgian mobile will cost 0.18€ while with nomado it will cost 0.05€. Save one third of the cost! You can check the call rates here. The good thing is, we now offer unlimited plans so you can call unlimited to a choice of country like Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and USA (including Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico).

I am a developer, how do you assist me?

We are developer friendly and can propose you the greatest API you can dream of with SDK in node.js and PHP for now. This to integrate VoIP, SMS and 2FA in one click. Create a dev account at and get 10€ for free test

Nomado’s team makes VOIP a breeze. They have realized in 2 days more than I could manage with my previous provider in 6 months. The switch to nomado is a no-brainer, even for more complicated setups using Asterisk. Bram

We requested nomado to find a solution so we can communicate effectively with our customers. They responded within couple of hours and we immediately see the business going back to normal in this crisis period.

Elektro Kuypers

Amstelveen, NL

Instant phone setup and responsive support. That is exactly what was needed for a successful live radio show. Much appreciated! Olivier Duroy,

NRJ Radio

becommerce logo award 2018

Finalist Becommerce Best service, 2018

Hackathon Cyber-Security Tallin, Estonia, 2018