easy phone solution FOR YOUR BUSINESS  

nomado world



/ month
  • Bring any SIP device 
  • The Unique and Best Selling plan
  • 1 phone number
  • 100 min free calls
  • Unlimited call features
  • Free Apps iOS & Android
  • Free Port-in till end 2018

nomado box



includes 1 year nomado world plan
  • Magic box for home - office
  • Includes 1 year nomado world plan
  • Your cordless phone turns VoIP
  • Supports T.38 fax over IP
  • Shipping across Europe
  • 7/7 config support
  • Free Port-in till end 2018

nomado phone



includes 1 year nomado world plan
  • Great for growing business
  • Includes 1 year nomado world plan
  • High definition (HD) wideband audio
  • Support openvpn
  • Shipping across Europe
  • 7/7 config support 
  • Free Port-in till end 2018

- I am interested, where do I start ?

First Sign up for an account, then purchase a nomado world plan on the eShop or an nomado phone or box. Once done, you will receive a welcome email with all info required to start VoIP. Please come on the chat to meet our support who will guide you efficiently.

- Why do I need a phone solution for my business ?

Every business needs a phone number to be contacted properly. Do you have a business phone number? Not your private mobile phone number but a local phone number which is answering, even with an interactive voice response..

You are a Startup, an established freelancer or company or even a non profit association?
With the nomado phone, your business sounds pro. And it is nomad.

- Can it be an alternative to Skype Pro?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. Nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better garantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers. In exemple, a call of 2 minute with Skype to a belgian mobile will cost 0.21€ while with nomado it will cost 0.12€. Almost half cost!

- Do you have Apps?

Yes, we offer Apps for iPhone and Androïd and also for Mac. Those are a complementary extension of your pack (nomado phone, box or world plan) and are currently free. Learn more

- What do I pay?

It is easy and without hidden fees : prepaid monthly fee, the nomado world plan, is 5€, excl VAT - the hardwares are nomado phone 99€, excl VAT, nomado box is 69€ excl VAT and both includes 12 months of the nomado world plan. You can activate automatic payment, anytime. Each month you are entitle to hundred of minutes to call. Once your free minutes are spent, you need call credit to continue calling, it will be still so cheap. Activate automatic recharge and you don't worry anymore about being cut. Portation of your existing number to the nomado world plan is free in Belgium and in most countries.

- Can I terminate anytime?

Yes. There is no termination fee. 

- Do I get invoices?

Yes you receive electronic invoices after each purchase including the automatic recharge from your credit card.

- Phone calls -

Professionnaly manage your phone calls
Outbound and smartly Inbound

- SMS -

Send sales campaigns
Notify your customers

- Secured integration -

We connect to your system
And you communicate safely