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How a nomadoNumber works

You are a Startup, an eshop, a multi-national company, a school, a plumber, any other kind of organization  or business and you don’t want to miss a call from a potential customer nor you want to share your private number

Best Voice over IP provider with DID numbers

Make cheapest calls ever

We offer simple or more elaborate solutions to save money on your national or international phone calls.

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Best Cloud PBX for call management features

Smart routing of incoming calls

Receiving calls from customers, partners, family or friends, nomado is a brilliant way to manage phone calls on your monitor. 

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Best SMS provider with cheapest SMS

Send SMS campaigns

SMS is the most efficient way to get instant connection with your contacts. Send easily mass SMS campaign from your PC.

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Best API and SDK for developer SIP trunks

Developer API for experts

For advanced IT person, Simple, Smart, and Secure API. The most complete SDK and APIs for your communications..

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From €0.5  /mth

  • Self-service telephony
  • Pay as you go
    (Prepaid credit,DID, Fax, etc)
  • Live chat support 7/7
  • Best quality & rates
  • SIP trunk, API & SDK
  • Freedom  to compose
  • Customised solution
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5 /mth

  • Residentials & Startups
  • Leave anytime, no termination fee
  • Hosted PBX, web control 
  • Livechat support 7/7
  • SIP trunk, API & SDK
  • 100 min free calls 
  • Basic routing features
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20 /mth

  • Ideal for startups & SME
  • Leave anytime, no termination fee
  • Hosted PBX, web control 
  • Livechat support 7/7
  • SIP trunk, API & SDK
  • 300 min free calls
  • 10 extra PBX features
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First Class

45 /mth

How to become nomado

Follow those 3 simple steps

  • Choose a plan or A la carte
  • Question? 7/7 live chat
  • Sign up in 2 minutes
  • Data privacy for real
First Class
  • Our live chat helps you 7/7
  • Your telephony is above the cloud

Make a free test call

Come on the Live chat support (on the right side of the website) and ask for a free test call. The live chat is open 7/7 from 8am to 11pm. 

You will have to provide us your phone number and the phone number you wish to call. Your destination person will receive a call from a local landline. It could be your nomadoNumber

The goal of this free call is to test the quality of our lines but also to try one of the numerous features of a nomadoNumber.

Frequent questions

Common questions 

We can hear your thoughts

What exactely is a nomadoNumber ?

A nomadoNumber is a landline number or a mobile number but Smarter which means it is a traditional number but is nomadic. You can manage the routing of the call (like a phone central with many features) from a web interface. Most of the landlines are nomadic today. Regarding mobile numbers, it is just the begining And we offer you this as of today.

Is it an alternative to Skype?

Yes, a better alternative according to our customers. Nomado offers variety of services that custom fit the needs of a business environment from small to medium and large enterprises. You want to look professional and get a real business phone number that you can route as you want. A local phone number is a better garantee to enter into a market and offer proximity to your customers.

Do you send paper billing?

Nomado supports green environment thus we do paperless billing. Since, we are pre-paid service, we no longer need to bill your account. You can make your purchase and you can check invoice from your customer Portal.

Can I leave anytime?

We at Nomado believe that the way to keep our customers is to provide them excellent customer service and features that are appropriate for their needs. If a customer feels these are not met, he or she is free to leave anytime without worrying of any contract or cancellation fees.


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